Beautiful Jacob's Well

In this extremely hot summer, everyone will be looking for a place, away from flaming temperatures and fast-paced city life. Most of the people move to different places for summer holidays. We have come up with one amazing fountain “Jacob’s Well” which you should think of visiting this summer to gather some amazing memories.

Everyone wants to take a small break from their busy schedule. Many prefer the places having full of water and adventure. Following is worlds most beautiful and mysterious fountain on the earth.

Jacob’s Well: Mysterious Fountain

Inside View of Jacob's Well

Today we are going to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations. This place is known as Jacob’s well. This fountain is located a short distance from the archaeological site of Tell Balata, which is thought to be the site of biblical Shechem. This is the natural water fountain which looks really beautiful. Every year thousands of tourist visit this place to have fun. But you must think twice before going to this place. Jacob’s well is among the fewest places which are considered as one of the beautiful tourist places and on the other hand dangerous too.

Jacob’s Well: Fun & Danger at Same Place

Jacob's Well Danger

According to locals who are well aware of the fountain also call it a fountain with many mysteries. It is also a matter of debate among geologists who still not found the reason behind deaths of tourists. Even with such a danger this Jacob’s well still attracts many tourists and they do pay a visit to this place.


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