The urge to reduce issues like sexual assaults and harassment through the ideology of “empowerment through empathy” started back in the year 2006. Little did the entire world knew, that the first move by Tarana Burke against sexual harassment and assault would create a sense of awareness among women all over the world. It was only after a decade, in 2017, that this MeToo campaign had spread its wings all over the world. This campaign, brought unparalleled courage and hope amongst women across the world, to stand against sexual abuse. Fortunately, this fight for self-respect has been continuing ever since then.


It was through the spread of this MeToo campaign that the true faces of people as rich and famous as film stars, politicians, singers etc. came in front of the world. Be it at the world front or at India’s level, the number of cases that came across through various social media platforms with the hashtag #MeToo grew from thousands to millions with each passing day.

MeToo Cases

After a decade, in 2017, actresses like Ashley and Alyssa raised their voices against sexual assaults faced by them. The cases grew in number every day. Women started to form anti-harassment coalitions, followed by various news and articles which brought all the victims in front of the public. After many cases from Hollywood, women from India also decided to start up with the MeToo Campaign.

Gradually, the #MeToo campaign became popular among the Indian Women as well. The courage shown by Tanushree Dutta, motivated other women who came to the industry of film and journalism, to stand for their respect and dignity. The cases that came across in India were much more shocking and disheartening. Some of the famous celebrities like Kailash Kher, Anu Malik, and Alok Nath also came out to be involved in such sexual abuses. Popular politicians like M.J Akbar and many editors and journalists of popular newspapers and magazines were no behind in this.

MeToo Positive

All thanks to the MeToo Campaign, that an issue as big as sexual harassment and assault, gained consciousness all over the world. It was only through this campaign, that people from different backgrounds came across to help those who suffered from sexual abuses. This led to the formation of ‘Times up Legal Defense Fund’. Various lawyers have been provided by the government in many countries to assist the sufferers. This has brought a huge impact and the rates of assaults have started to fall. Boys are being taught the idea of being ‘Real Men’ and the companies have been continuously working to make their workplace better in terms of safety.

Though the MeToo campaign has many positive sides to it, there are some negative impacts as well. Many women have put false allegations on men in order to defame them, which has not only brought mental disturbance but has also resulted in decreased opportunities at work for women. The fear of being falsely accused by women has gripped many. The fact that the punishment for less serious harassments would be the same as the greater ones have disturbed many.

MeeToo Future

It is rightly said that ‘There are two sides to every coin’. The fact that the growing awareness and consciousness against such sexual assaults are accompanied by false allegations, true proves the statement. However, the way this campaign has revolutionised people’s perspective towards sexual assault and harassment is completely phenomenal. The reach and impact of the MeToo campaign will always be one of the most remarkable ones in the world’s history.


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