Maharashtra Day: Symbol of Great History & Significance


Maharashtra Diwas

Every Maharashtrian celebrates Maharashtra Diwas on 1st May every year. The day is marked with parades, political events, ceremonies, and cultural events. But, did we really know why this day is celebrated as Maharashtra Diwas? Let’s find out why we do so.

History of Maharashtra Day

Maharashtra Day
Maharashtra Day 2018

1st May is celebrated as a formation day of Maharashtra state from the division of Bombay state which took placed on 1st May 1960. Every year on this day People of Maharashtra pay homage to martyrs at Hutatma Smarak in Flora Town, Mumbai. Total 105 people spend their lives to form this great Maharashtra state. After this movement, new legislation was passed and came into effect from 1st May 1960. Then Maharashtra got its own existence and Mumbai became the capital of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra Day Celebration in Maharashtra and Across India

Maharashtra Day Celebration
Maharashtra Day Celebration

On this special day, the government of Maharashtra announces public holiday to all sectors including government offices, school, colleges, and companies under the jurisdiction of a state. In Maharastra, various political, social, and traditional events are organized on this special day. The whole Maharashtra shines with various colorful events and every Maharashtrian remembers great people from history that played a crucial role in the creation of Maharashtra state.

International Labor Day

International Labor Day
International Labor Day

1st May is also celebrated as International Labor Day across the world. Maharashtra’s people have two big reasons to celebrate this special day enthusiastically. Every year a parade is held at Shivaji Park, Mumbai where the governor of Maharashtra addresses a large gathering. By helping people, spreading joy, increasing awareness of the great culture of Maharashtra, one can truly celebrate the Maharashtra Day.





  1. आम्हाला अभिमान आहे
    महाराष्ट्रीय असण्याचा.
    आम्हाला गर्व आहे
    मराठी भाषेचा.
    आम्ही जपतो आमची संस्कृती
    आमची निष्ठा आहे मातीशी.
    महाराष्ट्र दिनाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!


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