Google has finally decided to bring something more to its Google map feature in India. We all know the Google maps in US are well equipped with features like parking spots, local train timings, nearby fuel stations, cars share spots etc. Well, soon some of these features would be made available in India as well. Mr. Anal Ghosh, Program Manager for Google Maps for India has confirmed that they plan to start rolling out comprehensive Google maps for the two-wheeler segment first.

Google Map


This would include shortcuts and by routes which are not accessible by cars. This will be in addition to the estimated arrival time and more details traffic information which is already available. Two Wheeler’s currently constitute a whopping 70% of the vehicles registered in the country. Hence Google plans to tap on this segment first.

Google Map Features


A new transit feature in Google Map is also under development which will show the schedules of nearly 12,000 trains and bus routes. Google is currently under discussion with the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to take this further. In line with Prime Minister Mr. Modi’s Swachh Bharat initiative, Google is working on bringing public toilets across the different cities also into the map.

Google Map India


As an icing to the cake all these data will be real time. If you thought that will take a long time for them to bring these features to the table, then you are in for a surprise. As a pilot, Google has already launched real time buses in Kolkata and Surat, Mr. Ghosh confirmed.



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