Online Education India
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With the rapid development of newer technology, India has witnessed a growing acceptance of online education over a couple of years. Many students and working professionals from different sectors have started using the different e-learning platforms in order to enhance their skills. Looking at the current trends, there is a huge possibility of a substantial increase in the number of individuals adopting online education platforms in the near future.

Scenario of Online Education in India

Online Education in India
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India has one of the largest population in the world and along with this, it has one of the prominent education systems in the world. The education system in India is basically comprised of three components: college, course, and university. University Grants Commission (UGC) is the regulatory body for all the education courses conducted in India.

According to recent research, online education in India is started rooting with an early stage of development and it also started showing its impact on the Indian education system.  There are many colleges in India which started providing e-learning courses to students from all over the world. One can see the growing demand for online higher education as compared to diploma and graduate courses.

Why Online Education Gaining Popularity

Online Education Popularity
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Personalized Online Courses
Online Education Personalized Courses
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Most of the time students find difficult it to fit into the classroom as they simply can’t match teaching speed of professor with their learning speed. Online education provides personalized courses under which one can join any of the course as per own term and pursue education as per own time.

Smarter Video
Online Education Video
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Video has been a great medium for education from last few years, but many times it gets limited to only pre-record modules and unable to come up with its actual potential. There are lots of internet users who make use of it to learn any skill or find a solution to their problem with the help of video demonstration.

Mobile Learning
Online Education Mobile Learning
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Mobile learning is one of the rapidly growing trends among the young population of India. Today, everyone has a mobile and it provides the amazing facility of learning whenever and wherever. With the introduction of mobile learning, the education system is changing its shape rapidly.


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