5 Best Travel Apps that You Must Have in Your Smartphone

In the era of digitalization, apps are now becoming the inhabitable part of our life. Through the app, you can do everything in the blink of an eye with a single click of a button. Travel is one of the leading fields which getting benefited by mobile apps. Traveling business is rapidly expanding with the more use of travel apps. If you have a habit of traveling frequently then you should have mobile apps on your smartphone. From bus booking to hotel booking even your tour booking can be done through mobile apps.

Make My Trip

Travel Apps - Make My Trip

Make My Trip is one of the most popular mobile apps through which you can book both domestic and international flights. In this app, you can compare different flights and find the most convenient one as per your schedule. This app is a perfect companion of yours if you are a habitual traveler.


Travel Apps - Redbus

Redbus is a most reliable mobile app for booking bus and car across India. It has a various functionality with which you can book your bus seat as per your choice. Apart from bus booking service, Redbus app can be used for hotel booking. It also provides pilgrimage services to the popular pilgrim’s destinations.


Travel Apps - Yatra

Yatra.com is a perfect app to take away all holiday worries as this app provides facility to book, hotel, bus, flight, and train. It also equipped with the feature of booking full holiday tour package at one click. This app is useful to compare prices of different flights available for the day.


Travel Apps - Goibibo

Whether you are going to travel in India or abroad, Goibibo is there for booking flights. You can also avail other services such as booking bus, car, hotels, and trains. This app provides exciting offers to choose a combo service of flight plus hotel. It has activity section, under which you plan your further tour while traveling.

Oyo Rooms

Travel Apps - Oyo

If you are traveling with your friends or family and looking for a safe room then you must log in to Oyo apps. This is one of the most trusted and reliable apps to book highly equipped rooms in reasonable rates. Oyo rooms are fully-equipped with TV, Wi-Fi, AC, laundry, and many more facilities.


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